About Vocal Joy

The Vocal Joy Studio is led by Joy Renée, a talented and respected voice lessons teacher in Maui. Joy Renée’s teaching method features an effective and healthy technique for all voices and all vocal styles. She also specializes in vocal rehabilitation and is Hawaii’s premiere vocal rehab specialist.

Contact Joy Renée for a consultation and find out how she can help you find vocal freedom!

Meet Joy Renée

Sprung from her roots in Northern California, Joy Renée has always loved to sing!

As a young girl, she performed as the lead singer in school and community musicals and was awarded first place in the 1984 Reno Jazz Festival. Since then, she’s performed with jazz and honor choirs, as well as a jazz combo. For ten years, she was a lead singer for Maui’s best convention band, Jimmy Mac & the Cool Cats.

Joy Renée studied the Speech Level Singing (SLS) Method developed by legendary vocal coach, Seth Riggs, for ten years and was a Level 5 certified teacher of the SLS Method for five years. During that time, the Sing With Joy Vocal Studio was an official SLS licensed vocal studio and Joy Renée taught at the SLS Summer Vocal Program in Hollywood, California.

Now, Joy Renée provides voice lessons to students on Maui and around the world.

Drawing on her growing body of experience with pop, rock, R&B, jazz and musical theatre, as well as years of rigorous and extensive SLS training, Joy Renée applies specific, personalized techniques to help students alleviate strain, smooth breaks, and grow their range.

Building on years of training, Joy Renée’s teaching method enables singers to maximize range by increasing vocal coordination, strength, and flexibility without strain or excess effort. Many vocalists experience a dramatic increase in range after only a few lessons.

Joy Renée has received many referrals from ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialists and has subsequently helped numerous vocalists recover vocal cord health and build resilience.