“When I first started singing around age 17, I really didn’t understand what was my voice was capable of. Like many others, I was under the impression that singing was a natural talent bestowed upon a chose few, and that my capabilities at the time were all they would ever be. I was stripped of that limiting notion soon after I started working with Joy. She showed me how, with proper training and consistency, I could open up facets of my voice that I didn’t know existed. In the short span of about a year, she increased my range to 3 full octaves and had me teetering on the command of a 4th. The control I gained under her tutelage gave me the confidence and freedom to express myself in ways I had previously been too nervous to try.

Joy pays close attention to detail. She acknowledges that everyone is unique, as both vocalists and as people, and that we all strive to achieve different things. She works so hard to ensure that as you increase your technical ability, you don’t sacrifice parts of your voice that make you unique as an artist. I can’t recall how many times she’d say to me “Well honestly Conner, that’s your sound. Let’s not try to change it so much because it makes you YOU”. In a world where social media and instant communication make it easier than ever to compare yourself to others, Joy helps you focus solely on being who you are.

But beyond the technicality of what she has enabled me to accomplish, working with her has simply been a wonderful experience. She is a bright, compassionate spirit who makes the often awkward and embarrassing experience of vocal training fun and explorative. I’ll never forget my first day when I accidentally burst out laughing because I thought what we were doing was so ridiculous. She could’ve put me in line, but instead, she simply laughed right along with me until we had tears in our eyes and said to me, “I know it sounds silly, but trust me. It’ll make a difference.” Oh, what a difference it made.

I am proud to say that Joy is the first vocal coach I’ve ever had, but I’m even more proud to now call her my friend. Even though I no longer live near her, I know I can always call her for advice, a last minute tune up before a show, or just a simple chat. I would highly recommend that anyone who wants to improve their ability as a vocalist in an encouraging, attentive environment, call Joy and set up an appointment. You can thank me later”

Conner Snow

As a full time working musician. I love what I do. Working with Joy has not only help me dynamically as a vocalist, but it has strengthened my vocals toward sustainability. With the techniques that she taught me, I can do 3-5 hours of singing without being fatigued. Joy is also a fellow working musician so she understands the conditions that I go through. So I trust in her to give me better results to be a better artist.  Thank you Joy!!

Kanoa Kukaua

Joy is a great teacher, motivator, and mentor. I first came to her super hoarse due to coughing for months from bronchitis.
I was also cracking like crazy due to my voice changing and was just frustrated singing . Joy also discovered I was dealing with reflux . She gave me the the perfect therapy exercises to rehabilitate my burned swollen chords . Though it took 6 months to recover, my voice came back stronger then ever with a bigger range I can count on. She continues to strengthen my voice, and is a big part of my musical journey. Go Joy!

Anthony Pflukes

Singing has always been something I enjoyed growing up but only once I started learning technique with joy fields was I really able to control and feel the lyrics in the melody. Singing comes directly from the individual’s soul and it has help me activate my emotions on a much deeper level then I could ever imagine. Joy is not just a teacher, she possesses the ability to make the safest place to be vulnerable while finding your voice, she’s a scholar, a musical sensation, and an wunderkind with this art. As a working singer her experience allows a plethora of intelligence. The classes are always therapeutic and extremely fun! If you’re just starting out, or you’re a professional singer, joy will guide you on a path of safe practice and support you, both technically and emotionally, for the future!

Mikela Wesson

Joy is hands down the greatest voice teacher I have ever had, and I’ve had many in my 35 years as an entertainer. Her style, technique and experience¬†quickly identifies your weak spots an brings out your true potential.

Eric Gilliom