Vocalize U

Vocal Joy is part of the VU teachers network. We at VocalizeU have looked at many teacher networks and have chosen what we feel is the most advanced group of teachers. The ViP “Vocology in Practice” network of teachers is a group of voice instructors that maintain not only a very high standard of vocal technique, but also high standards in ethics.


Vocalize U Artist Development Retreats

The artist intensive is the most comprehensive and unique artist development event available. We use our industry reach and years of successful events, to create the most influential, inspiring, educational and engaging musical experience. This is a 10 day, life changing event, where we challenge you, push you, invigorate you and expand your skills. We structure the event so that you are constantly learning new tools and applying them to your craft in real time. More infer here: www.vocalizeu.com


SingPro is the ultimate mobile vocal studio. It’s versatile and intuitive. I can know teach my students on the mainland through this amazing Application.  It allows clients to send me recordings of their voice for fine tuning! It enables me to stay on track with all my singers wherever they are iin the world. I use it with all my clients; In Studio, On-Line and On the road!


  • Spectrogram Analysis Driven Vocal Workouts
  • Pitch Training Program
  • Karaoke & Key Change Exporter
  • “How To” Video Library
  • Interactive Vocal Journal To Track Progress
  • Artist Development E-Library
  • Access to Top Industry Vocal Experts
  • Proven Vocal Technique used by Celebrities & Vocal Experts